general & specialist printers since 1991
we specialise in the music, arts & entrainment industries
have well established indoor & outdoor distribution networks
promote local indie & international touring acts
express, design, print, distro, display, promo
if your audience are arts & music aficionados, then give us a bell @sydney.Posters!

express distro

inStore pickup, ozPost, courier, inDoor & outDoor distro network, exPress service on request! (LR*)

'notes / ideas on this reverse, html commented out, if CAPS WP default, if lCase then LR ...' 'We strive to make sure each order is sent within hours of purchase. If you order before 1pm on weekdays your package is guaranteed to ship that day.'

keeping it real

'Music is like a dream. One that I cannot hear.' Ludwig van Beethoven (LR*)

'We test and use our products to the highest standards' 'Our blog is full of great stories and tips about the products we sell.' 'something about living & breathing what we do ...'
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secure payments

we employ PCI-SP level 1 secure payments & AES-256 industry standard encryption (LR*)

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ask a question?

send us an email regarding your express, design, print, distro, display or promo idea (LR*)

'Part of being a great company means we provide quick and helpful support to questions about products and ordering.' 'check where the email link is and what addy'
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